basically just an excuse for me to gif almost every scene of bob's burgers

and to post a lot about tina belcher

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I think I saw you today! not meant to be creepy, just that I think I saw you on my school's campus. your haircut is distinctive

wait no hang on that’s not creepy that’s super cool! i mean, it may not have even been me — but that’s still really cool

but maybe it was? my haircut is pretty distinctive (i’m at my college orientation right now and pretty sure i’m the only person with this cut) so maybe maybe it could have been me?

that’s so exciting though!

if it was actually me — which it may have been? but also might not??

(but still v exciting)

hey so 

quick note — for the majority of the next three (or so) days I’ll be away from my computer and tumblr and photoshop and all of you fine folk

SO please feel free to continue sending requests or general asks, but note that I (almost certainly) won’t be able to attend to them for the next few days


Bob’s Burgers sketch of the kids. It’s one of mine and Anton’s favorite shows


Bob’s Burgers sketch of the kids. It’s one of mine and Anton’s favorite shows

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"This is bad. Babysitters aren’t supposed to give kids black eyes."

"No. No they’re not."

request (x)

Could you do the scene where Tina tickles Jen and Jen punches her in the face? That or the one where all the kids give each other black eyes. Or when Tina's "mocking " Jen? OH I CANT DECIDE THAT EP WAS BRILLIANT SORRY

Yeah, can do!

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Hi, I was wondering in which episode Tina and Jimmy jr go on a date with Louise? Thank you :) Love your blog!

Season 4, Episode 20 — Gene It On

and hey, thanks!

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Hi could you maybe gif Tina and Louise in the ep of Boyz 4 Now where Louise asks tina (something along the lines of) "how do you do this? You crush on nearly every boy you know and I couldn't handle a crush for three hours!!" And tina says (something like) I'm no different to anyone else, I put my bra on one boob at a time" pretty please??

Yeah, absolutely!

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"Linda, let’s not talk about it."

request (x)

Can you make a gif of Linda telling the kids not to bring up how bob pooped his pants and then her saying "So you pooped your pants!" When he walks in the room? Ps your blog is perfection and also what other tv shows do you watch?

Yeah, for sure!

PS - ha, ha ha, LIES.

oh god, I watch way too much tv but some of my other favorite shows: parks and rec, doctor who, battlestar galactica, orphan black, friends, the office, friday night lights, fringe, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, supernatural (but really just the earlier seasons it’s gonna kinda downhill), fullmetal alchemist, buffy, firefly, and a whole host of other things i’m probably forgetting WOW i watch way too much tv IT’S PRETTY SAD