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bob's burgers and related miscellany
Is there any way you can gif the scene from OT: Outside Toilet, where it gets revealed that Teddy thought that Bob's last name was Burgers? Thanks!

Yeah, can do!

"Okay, let’s do what I came here to do."

"You are not pouring guacamole out of my nose!"

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Will you pretty pretty please do a gif of Louise and Tammy are stuck in the giant head and they pour the guacamole out of her nose but it goes horribly wrong from the episode Mazel Tina. Please. <3

Yeah, can do!

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Can you gif the scene where Bob and Linda are taking about wolf Gene?

Yeah, for sure!

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Can you do a gif of when Tina says she doesn't need a boy who dances his feelings? From the taffy factory episode? Ty :)

Yes, absolutely!

Yep, already done! (x)

Yep, already done! (x)

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"She’s misunderstood. She just needs a friend."

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