basically just an excuse for me to gif almost every scene of bob's burgers

and to post a lot about tina belcher

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Here’s a link to all the gifs I’ve done from the episode! (x)

Here’s a link to all the gifs I’ve done from the episode! (x)

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Would you do the scene from 'Doctor Yap' where he says something or other about having them all in his 'trap' at the cabin and Tina says 'you caught me?' It always makes me laugh.

Yeah, can do!

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"I’ve been waiting to hear those words all my life, Tina."

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Have you already giffed the scene from Sheesh Cab Bob where Tina tells Bob "you're the best pimp I'm ever going to have"- if not, could you?

Sure thing!

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"Tomorrow, we are taking back the street."

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Can you making a GIF of when Gene says: Respect for the night! Women's rights! My body, my rights! It's on the episode Food Truckin' I don't know the exact quotes but it's something along those lines. Thank you! <3 I love your blog so much!

Yeah, absolutely!

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Season 4, Episode 14 - Uncle Teddy

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